Thursday, 27 February 2014

Technology at Home! Technology made for Technology with Technology

Hello all-as promised before I present to you something a little different .It is a song that evokes best a technological innovation.Before listening the song let me tell you about making it.

I made an announcement some time ago in a gloomy day that it was time for some tech music.Well that day I turned on some synths and played with all those beautifull buttons J !

What was I looking for?I had an idea about the song and it was time to materialize it.

First came to my mind the fact that I wanted a lush pad for the project-well a pad that was both warm and deep at the same time.Having worked on it and made some chords progressions with it it was time to move next to the main melody.So what goes best with a powerfull pad like that?I imagined a short square sound with a ping-pong echo but still maintaining it to the centre because it is the main melody and has to go around all sounds.

So until now I have a pad and the main melody…There is so much to be done!!!!

Second melody has to be there-the main characteristic of the second melody is that is less powerful but still imprinting itself into the listener ears.So in this case I used a “blip-sine” sound I made with the help of the God-given oscillators(OSC).This time this particular sound is panned a little more to the left so that it doesn’t cross with the main melody.As the main melody plays ,a gentle high pitch sound can be heard on your left year J . You can imagine that if I was to leave the song like that I would create a little confusion for the listener because we have the centre ,we have the left but it still leaves us with the right empty.

Oh my god ,still not done?

No….Third melody J

Again, the OSC’s ,this time I reached for a liquid-sine\saw combined sound with lots of echo and reverb so that it completes the volume on all three sides(left-centre-right) .Still you will hear for a compensation to the right side a white noise hi-hat and a blip delayed (almost like a small ringtone) sound.

All these going on in a single two minutes song?  

Technology is here,but we still need RHYTHM(drums) and BASS !

For this song I made a dubstep style(maybe chillstep)-like beat pattern(not too powerful but  very present) and if you have a nice subwoofer at home you will surely feel the power of the sub-bass.Don’t leave your coffee mug on the subwoofer  while playing this song ,you might lose it J

Then mixing,master ,master and  master so that all frequencies are there as friends not as enemies ….

There you go! 2 minutes song made in two days .

We have a nice song very suitable for promoting your motion graphic design,your 3d project ,your technological video.
Enjoy this one,If you need it for your project I’ve provided you the links to the song.

Well,in a few words that is how  a technologic song is born –in a technologic way.
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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Chillout day or not… +some inside info

So today I felt like stay away from making music. Strange but that was my feeling.I think the weather outside made me feel this way.One thing is to wake up and see the sunshine and another is to wake up and the weather outside is foggy and dump.It really brings your spirit down.

I have some songs finished and ready to present them to you and some other(80-100) release-worthy projects which are started but not finished.They are in various genres so I guess I made a project for every emotion I can feel.This is why in the near future you will see that my songs are very different one from another;it is all about diversity.
How come I’ve started 100 projects and haven’t finish them ?Well let me tell you something:This is how I work,or my brain works: Let’s say I start to make a song ,a corporate motivational song for example;I’ve put together a melodic line ,some main instruments  but suddenly I feel like making an electronic track,an idea pops into my mind and I “need” to make an electronic song,so I move on to another project and so on.Now imagine this:having these numerous projects started I can compose my music more peacefully depending on my state of mind at a certain time of a day;and I can jump from project to project in this way.You can say I work on many levels J .

I said at the beginning of the post that I ‘ve stayed away today from music.That was the plan at the beginning of the day.But I remembered I had started a song a few months ago ,it has a swing  style but the melodic line was somehow chilling and relaxing ,easy-listening maybe and has a little contemplating essence and ….yes –it was a perfect match-the weather and the song.So I’ve lied and for about 3-4 hours in the evening I worked and worked on it like a crazy man.The song will be out soon…be sure I will announce you about it.

The conclusion is  that music is made from the heart and when you listen to a song that gives you a certain feeling  be sure that the composer felt that emotion to be able to reach you in that way.At least I think so.
 Best Wishes!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Audio Logos -The process and the results


I’ve recently finished composing some audio logos and  they came out really nice.But before hearing them let me tell you my little opinion about this subject.

I’ve always been fascinated by a visual logo along with audio at the beginning of a video or a clip,especially those tech ones .In my opinion a logo(both audio and video-best they are together) gives the viewer a sense for what it is going to happen next.So  a logo at the beginning  is very important for your video project in a sense that you first show your brand to whoever is watching; It has to have a strong first impact to keep the viewer close ,it has to print itself on the viewer’s mind.The audio has to be somehow catchy but not commercial.I mean it should sound like you haven’t heard that melody before.

I tell you-it is a lot of work in making a 10 seconds audio logo.From the outside it looks like you clap your hands and the logo is done….
My steps:
1)      I think of an idea –what theme should I consider? Should I use real instruments sounds or synths?Do I want a tech logo or an acoustic one(of course here are a lot of variations ,a lot of genres)
2)      I start “playing” with my controller trying to figure out o melody (I will tell you more about the insides of the studio in my next posts)
3)      I have the melody ,I have all instruments playing altogether but there still more….
4)      After mixing the logo I can see that there is something missing-yes After mixing is time for MASTERING! Reach for that crisp ,bright uniform  sound.
It is almost like making a song …a 10 seconds song.
All that being said I invite you to check some of my newest audio logo productions:

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Simple Things -First song and first video

Hello all!
So  today I will present to you my first video on youtube with my first royalty free song available for purchase.Don’t mind the simplicity of the video,I think simple is better as long as the message is there.
The song is called “Simple Things” 
This is an original light composition, suitable for all kind of projects from audio\video comercials,presentations,animation etc.The recepy contains fresh melodies,motivational spirit all summing up in a very good vibe.The main instruments are a joyful-bouncy beat,piano,happy claps and acoustic guitar.
The story of the song: I wanted to create a song that can be easy listening and that delivers that feeling when you are together with your friends maybe in a summer day and enjoying life as it is. I have reached the conclusion that in life we all should enjoy the simple things that bring us happiness everyday . Besides  the grey routine that for many of us eats up our entire life there nothing better than to enjoy even a second of a friendship,a fresh breath of air,a simple hello to your neighbour or admiring  the beautiful colors of a flower.That is what this song is all about.
Have fun with it!

So there nothing more for me to do that to wish you have a wonderful day!

Friday, 14 February 2014

What is Royalty Free Music with license? Explained in simple words

For example :you made a small film about your city presenting the main attractions,where people gather,nature landscapes and you would like to promote it to youtube or other specific sites but you don’t have a soundtrack for it.You can’t legally use the soundtrack from a known movie or a top ten song which is heard on radio or tv.In this case what you can do is access a specialized marketplace where you can find every kind of music known to man.This music is made by professional producers especially for this kind of activity.
After browsing and searching you find a song(maybe a motivational track) that you like and the next step to take is to actually buy the track.You pay for the track once and you can use it in your project without any kind of problem regarding multiple fees to labels,producers ,songwriters and so on.
If your project(in this case the film about the city) is not a product that you sale ,the single purchase is the best choice for you.Actually you can use it for multiple purposes as long as the final products (projects) are not for sale.This kind of license for royalty free music is called a Regular License
However if you decide to to make a product that is to be sold in any kind of marketplaces –our example-the film-so you make a DVD presenting the city and you sell it to tourists in your own shop\internet shop what you need is an Extended License.You will see that the cost of this kind of license is almost five times bigger than the regular one but it permits you to do exactly what I mentioned before.
The same theory can be applied in other examples:animations,commercials(tv,radio,internet) and the list goes on and on.
For a more exact study of this matter I provided at the end of this post a link where you can find all there is to know about licenses in Royalty Free Music.
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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Hello reader and listener!

Like the title suggests ,I am a music composer with  many years of developing my skills and learning about the process who will try to cover through my songs many genres and ideas.
What kind of music? You will ask…
Well,it is that kind of music that you  need for your personal projects,videos(for example youtube videos),presentations,commercials,animations all in one-Royalty free music. In my next post  I will explain to you what this means and how you can use my songs step by step with no problems concerning licenses and copyright; You’ll see that it is a very simple matter.
BohemianMusicProduction is a small home studio in which I spend almost all my time working with new ideas for my future tracks.It is somehow like an idea per day so new material will follow in short time and I will do my best to keep the music flowing.
I will try to build a portofolio which will cover various genres from jazz ,swing,  rock and roll, solo piano ,blues ,motivational, lounge,chillout to electronic music(EDM) like trance,house(but more like loops for these kind).
In this blog I will keep you informed about my new tracks along with a presentation video for them, future releases, present ideas and all the aspects that concern this domain.
So be sure to check my blog from time to time ,even subscribe,if you are interested in hearing more.
Next ,I will answer in simple words the question marks  above Royalty free music concept.
Till then…Best Wishes!